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CARE Groups

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At best, church is a spiritual community.  A church congregation is a community of believers connected by several dynamics. Our salvation through the blood of Jesus connects us to one another.  We are members of the Body of Christ and the family of God.  Our worship connects us to one another in a local church.  It is vitally important that we bond together and strengthen these connections with one fellow believers.

These connections require that we love, care for and fellowship with one another. God never intended Christians to be “loners” but to become an active part of a community of worshippers by building relationships with other believers. CARE Groups offer this opportunity.

To provide an avenue to meet these needs we have developed small groups that meet every 2nd and 4th Sunday evening of the month to sing, praise, pray, discuss the Word of God and fellowship together. These groups meet in various homes scattered throughout the Roanoke Valley. A CARE Group consists of a leader, a host home and several families/individuals that meet on a regular basis to build strong, caring relationships in an informal setting.

Some of our CARE Groups are designed for families with small children, others for teens, and some with no children. Other CARE Groups offer fellowship to seniors, young adults or singles. New CARE Groups are being formed constantly to meet the needs of our people.

Our church is growing at a rapid pace.  We have discovered that the “bigger” we become, the more we must intentionally create opportunities for folks to make friends and build lifelong relationships with fellow believers.  CARE Groups provide a place for this much needed fellowship and care.